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Why is Sperm Volume Essential for X-Rated Movies?

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semen volume


Surely every inhabitant of our planet had repeatedly watched erotic films for adults. Someone prefers to watch porn movies with their soulmate, while others like to relax alone with themselves. A common feature that unites all pornographic films is the culminating orgasm of actors, which is accompanied by a large amount of sperm.


It is worth noting that in real life a man cannot secrete such an unlimited amount of sperm in the process of natural ejaculation. Not to mention the actors, who need to play more than a dozen takes. However, special bio supplement can help to enhance sexual endurance as well as increase the amount of semen during ejaculation. It is these remedies that all porn actors take to make the movie spectacular.



How Does the Amount of Sperm Affect Male Sexuality?



The older the man, the harder it is for him to remain in the proper physical and sexual shape. Over the years the amount of semen while ejaculation becomes less, and its quality becomes much worse.


 A small amount of seminal fluid during ejaculation indicates that there has come a period of erectile dysfunction, which manifests itself in the most negative consequences:


    • Decreased potency;

    • Inefficiently powerful and prolonged erection;

    • Low level of sexual endurance;

    • Weak sensitivity of genital organs;

    • Significant deterioration of the reproductive function of the body.


Yummy Cum


Both long-term abstinence or excessive sexual activity can be the main reasons for the decline in the quality and quantity of sperm.


That is why the quality of intimate life depends on the amount of seminal fluid. Once a man can solve this problem, the sex will reach a new, more emotional and sensitive level.



How Can I Improve the Taste of Sperm with Yummy Cum?



Oral sex is an integral part of the intimate life of every couple. However, most women refuse to engage in this type of sex for a variety of reasons. Someone does not like the smell of partner's penis, while other women are hampered by intimate hairy area on male genitals. However, the most common reason for not wanting to do blowjob to the sexual partner is the unsatisfactory taste of sperm.


Yesterday unpleasant taste of sperm today can become one of your girl's most favorite flavors.


"How can you change the taste of sperm?" - Many of you will ask. It’s possible with the help of a special drug Yummy Cum.



Taking only 20 drops a day, the taste of seminal fluid will soon acquire a neutral shade, which will surely attract the female half of the population.


The natural components of the Yummy Cum are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, after which the sperm acquires a tender sweetish flavor and aroma. With regular use of Yummy Cum, the quantity and quality of the sperm grow to a level higher. The active components of drops improve sexual desire, as well as the sensitivity of the genitals. At the same time, stamina increases by 20%.